The people of St. Peter’s believe the Christian journey of faith requires us to keep growing and learning. The church offers a wide range of educational and fellowship opportunities to support and nurture people in their faith journey. We seek to form, inform, and transform by developing and promoting Christian Education that gives all children of God, regardless of age, a chance to grow in faith.

The goal of adult Education is to draw people into a genuine, personal relationship with God by providing the tools that will motivate us as Christians, encouraging a better knowledge of scriptures, and promoting spiritual growth. Each of us is a partner with God, through Jesus Christ, in the creation and nurturing of Christian disciples. How exciting is that?

We all have goals. If someone wanted to be a doctor, they would go to school to do so. If you wanted to play the piano, you would take piano lessons. So why do we think differently when it comes to God? If we truly want to know God, we must go to His Word. We must commit and have a desire to know Him better through studying the scriptures. Just like anything else we may want in our lives, if we want a close relationship with our Lord, we must put forth the effort to make it happen.

Thought for the Week sent to the church family by email every week.

Sunday School classes meet at 9:00 AM each Sunday – Three adult classes for men and women meet on the church’s main level. One class studies the International Lesson series. The other two use a variety of Biblical studies and topical books in a participatory discussion format.
Disciple Bible Study – a 34-week Bible study in which the student will move deeper into scripture with in-depth study of the Old and New Testaments. Great way to dig into scripture, grow and be a part of a small group for fellowship and support. For more information contact Pastor Debra
Seasonal studies such as a Bible study during Lent

Ladies Thursday Bible Study – meets at 9:45 am every Thursday morning during the school year in the church fellowship hall. For more information contact Esther Gilman

Elderberries are a group of people age 55+ who get together once a month or so to fellowship, eat lunch, visit local attractions, etc. For more information contact Patty Kelley at 804-749-3195 or email.
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