Membership and Baptism
Becoming a Member of St. Peter’s Church

We accept new members by transfer or profession of faith. If you have questions about membership, or wish to join, please see the pastor.

To transfer means you are a member of another church and wish to place your membership at St. Peter’s. At your request the pastor will contact your former church to transfer your membership.

Profession of faith is for people who have never belonged to a church but who repent of their sins and profess a belief and trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.


St. Peter’s baptizes people of any age who have never been baptized before. Parents often bring their infants for baptism, professing a belief and trust in Jesus Christ and promising to nurture their children within the church. They also promise to set an example, that the children may be guided when older to accept God’s grace for themselves.
Youth or adults who have never been baptized make professions of faith before baptism. In the case of both children and adults, the congregation promises to nurture the baptized person in faith development.

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